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 Message from the Directoras

Greeting for the new academic year! This summer, we were once again in Washington, D.C. to report on our research with Latinx elders (Cultivando Sabiduría) to Senior Corps program officers from all over United States, including Puerto Rico.

We were proud to share the voices, images and preliminary findings of our research that is conducted at the Centro Universidad Popular with an amazing group of volunteers and community members. 

This project - like the ones we share below - is founded on fundamental human rights to participate in civic process, community engagement, and honors the strength of our community.

Join us for an exciting semester!

NLRC Internship Orientation
2018 Fall Internship, Service Learning, and Volunteer Opportunities!
Join the National Latino Research Team (NLRC) at California State University San Marcos and Universidad Popular in their efforts to increase education and civic participation among Latino youth and adults in North San Diego County, Fall 2018!

Students will be part of an army of community leaders and educators that will take education to churches, community centers, schools, parks, clinics, and homes throughout North San Diego County. The topics will be taught through a critical Chicanx Studies perspective and cover themes such as: U.S. History, Government, Civic Rights and Responsibilities, Voting, Elections, and Citizenship. In addition, we have ongoing research studies focused on youth (Homie UP Youth Empowerment Program) and elderly (Cultivando Sabiduria).  We hope you can be a part of these exciting efforts!

Our orientation just passed but please contact us if you are interested.

For more information please contact Selena Arellano at [email protected] 760.750.3501.

Save the Date! Ballot Party Fall 2018

Please join us at this year's PRE-ELECTION GATHERING - CONVIVIO ELECTORAL 2018 on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 from 5pm to 8pm at Centro Universidad Popular. Come join voters and their families to talk about election-related issues and share information and resources in preparation for the November 6 primary election.

This is a non-partisan educational event with the purpose of fostering dialogue and sharing resources regarding candidates and propositions focused on North County San Diego. We want to disseminate as much educational information as possible to help VOTERS obtain election-related educational materials.  

Click here to register.

After you register, please share our Facebook event!

Bring your ballot and a healthy snack to share! 

Also, if you are part of an educational organization and would like to set up an informational table, please contact Arcela at [email protected].

October 24, 2018 at 5pm - 8pm

Centro Universidad Popular
1234 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Vista, CA 92084

For more info contact Daisy Resendiz · [email protected]

Homie UP Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)
The Homie UP YEP team completed the my university / mi universidad, a six-week immersion program designed to introduce first-generation college-bound students to their local public university. During the program, students from local schools met university students, staff, faculty and administrators who are working to make higher education more accessible; developed trusting relationships with university students who and share similar histories and cultures; and participated in academic, cultural and leadership enrichment activities.


Thanks to North County Health Services, students also engaged in activities that promote health and wellness. Additionally, students participated in STEM-related activities facilitated by CSUSM STEM Center Ambassadors. Lastly, students began a journey of civic engagement and volunteering in which they met with Latino elders from the Sabiduria (Wisdom) Program and together began threading an intergenerational program of mutual support. 

Our youth program provides academic, social, cultural, and civic-related services for youth and families year-round. Activities include tutoring, health workshops, field trips to historical and cultural sites, preparation for the university, volunteering, and civic participation opportunities. 


Monday to Fridays 2:00PM-6:00PM
Centro Universidad Popular
1234 N. Santa Fe Ave, Suite 100
Vista, California 92083


For more information about the Homie UP Youth Empowerment Program contact Angelica Santiago at [email protected].

Cultivando Sabiduría - Cultivating Wisdom

Cultivando Sabiduria (Cultivating Wisdom), funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is fostering learning, wellness, leadership, and civic engagement for Latinx elders in North San Diego County. Through a Cultural Wealth Framework and a popular education strategy, the program contributes to providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Latinx elders participate in three classes; Palabras (Words), Tecnologia (Technology), and Manualidades (Crafts). 

By honoring the elders' life experiences and knowledge, education and educating becomes a collective process of benefit to all participants including the instructors. Cultivando Sabiduria is intergenerational, diverse, and all embracing. Opportunities to volunteer are available through the NLRC internship program.


Semillas de Libertad

Our Homie UP Semillas De Libertad (Seeds of Freedom) students are excited to continue their journey in education. This summer our Homie UP team began tutorial services for formerly incarcerated students. Every Tuesday at Centro Universidad Popular, a local community center, our team provides strategy workshops on vision building, planner organization, essay writing, and oral presentations.

For more information about tutorial services contact Selena Arellano [email protected] 760.504.1270.

ICE out of Cali 2018

NLRC Intern, Maria Torres reports - On July 27-28 I was able to experience ICE out of California convening in which we heard the testimonies of the active organizers in Fresno and how they are currently dealing with the anti-immigrant sentiment in the area. Through the convening we were able to engage in different dialogues about how state lawmakers, through lobbying efforts done by many people present, passed legislation in order to reduce the damage ICE can cause to our communities.

We also heard from various panelists regarding their experiences in the criminal justice system and how that too involves ICE. Closing up the convening we strategized and spoke to various people from our region of Southern California on what they have currently been doing to keep their communities alert, safe and together under the triple threats of over-policing, ICE and Border Patrol. The convening allowed people from all over California that are doing similar work to share and engage in dialogue on how we can keep our communities safe and one day abolish ICE and Border patrol so that they may stop tearing our families apart.

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