Help Fallbrook Farmworker Shooting Victims


A month ago today, tragedy struck our friends and neighbors working at a nursery in Fallbrook when one of their co-workers shot and killed one worker, injured two others, and left a group of six workers in terror after witnessing the horror. During the last month, they bid farewell to one of their friends as his family took his remains to rest in Mexico, one of their injured friends was released from the hospital and is recovering at home with his family. A third friend remains hospitalized and faces an arduous recovery.

Not a day goes by that the survivors of this tragedy and their families forget the day it happened. They feel the impact daily. Not only are they dealing with the ever-present emotional trauma, but they have also been without work or income for a month. Their bills accumulate and they don’t see relief or assistance coming their way anytime soon. Government assistance for eligible victims could take months to process. And the winter storms continue to disrupt the availability and possibility of work for those who might be able to work. 

Our friends are asking us to put ourselves in their situation just for a moment and to try to understand the level of desperation and powerlessness they are feeling in the face of this tragedy.

As concerned community members, we are mobilizing to help those directly affected. If you or your foundation/organization/business would like to donate to help farmworkers impacted by this tragedy, you can donate here or reach out to us to make an award/grant.

The funds donated will be dispersed to impacted families to be used for emergency and critical needs and services to support the families affected by the Fallbrook shooting.


Universidad Popular and Comité Cívico del Valle are collecting funds to support the farmworker community impacted by the shooting in Fallbrook, CA. You can donate here:

Comité Cívico del Valle, a 501c3 community-based nonprofit organization acts as the fiscal agent for the Fallbrook Farmworker Victims Relief. Comite Civico del Valle Inc.’s EIN # 33-0411322.

Donate here or mail check to:

Comité Cívico del Valle, Inc.
c/o Fallbrook Farmworker Victims Relief
235 Main St.
Brawley, CA 92227

To read the Voice of San Diego article about Covid-19 pandemic impact on farmworkers at Atkins Nursery and specifically, farmworker Marisela Monroy, read here.

Photo Courtesy of Adriana Heldiz 

Thank you for your generosity, love, and concern.

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