Universidad Popular statement on "Street Legacy: SoCAL Style Master"

Today, the Universidad Popular team had the opportunity to experience the “Street Legacy: SoCal Style Masters” at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. As community educators we understand the importance that the arts have in shedding light on all experiences in our communities and sparking needed dialogue. Street Legacy brings to light valuable diverse perspectives and experiences. While the exhibition contains mature themes and imagery, we appreciate and welcome the space it opens and the opportunity it provides to engage in meaningful dialogue that is timely and necessary.

This is even more important in light of the ensuing controversy over specific works and the mounting political pressure to censor artistic expression. Neither does the Escondido Mayor nor does the Chief of the Escondido Police Department or anyone else have the authority to cancel our constitutional rights and freedoms. We share your unconditional belief in the right of every person to participate in the artistic process and to express their thoughts and ideas freely without fear of persecution. We oppose the singling out of any specific artist or work of art and any censorship attempts. 

We commend the trustees and advisors of the California Center for the Arts, the artists, the curators and patrons for exhibiting art that is representative of our local and regional community. Thank you for elevating, educating, and inspiring us to appreciate diversity of thought, experience and expression.

Read the letter that our Co-Founder & Co-Director shared with the California Center for the Arts, Escondido this morning for consideration during their special meeting.  

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