Cultivando Liderazgo - Citizenship Classes


The 2017 mid-year point is fast approaching and the National Latino Research Center (NLRC) continues its unwavering goal to reach a record number of families and youth in North County with education and empowerment services.

Through Universidad Popular - Cultivando Liderazgo, the NLRC is uplifting the dignity and respect of hardworking families by making learning a part of everyone’s lives. The NLRC takes education to churches, community centers, schools, parks, clinics and homes throughout North San Diego County. We train students and community members to join our efforts to transform North County and provide hands-on service learning opportunities!

The face of leadership and politics is changing in North County and we can all be part of it! Donate to the NLRC now! 

Your gift will help us reach more families, so they too can learn and increase their knowledge about issues that are important to us all. Your generous contribution makes an immediate impact in the lives of people by:

  • Helping to make “education for all” a reality. Adult learners will experience what it’s like to be a student in a supportive, Spanish-speaking environment. Senior citizens who worked their entire lives can now go to school for the first time.
  • Training young people to assume their rightful place as social justice-minded civic and political leaders.
  • Supporting eligible immigrants to apply for citizenship. We offer citizenship classes to help immigrants learn U.S. History and Government and prepare for the citizenship interview. We also connect individuals to legal resources.
  • Educating eligible voters about elections and issues that impact our community.

With your donation, we can reach every member of our community.

Together, we will ensure that our communities are educated and informed. We can all work to make a positive impact in our communities!

To make your donation, click on this link and do the following:

  1. Enter your donation amount in Other.
  2. Look for Select a Donation Designation below the fold.
  3. Select National Latino Research Center from the dropdown menu.
  4. Complete the Personal and Payment information that follows. 

Thank you!

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