Election 2020

Universidad Popular is looking for Election Protection & Voting Rights Defenders (Poll Watchers) to help observe and monitor the upcoming general election an in-person voting on Saturday, October 31, Sunday, November 1, Monday, November 2 and Tuesday, November 3, 2020. We want to make sure that every voter can exercise his/her right to vote freely, without fear, intimidation or violence.

Can you help ensure every voter who shows up to vote in person is able to do so safely?

If you want to volunteer to be an election defender, please register here http://bit.ly/DefensoresElectorales  


Universidad Popular is hosting a required training on Thursday, October 29 at 6pm via zoom and Facebook Live. The training will provide an overview of voting rights, ways to support election and voter defense, de-escalating white supremacist intimidation tactics and signaling to a network of groups and lawyers if and where trouble breaks out.

If you miss the training, we will share a recording of the training on our Universidad Popular Facebook page for viewing (https://www.facebook.com/universidadpopularcalifornia).

If you need additional information, please contact Arcela Nuñez at [email protected].

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