In October, I was sent by Universidad Popular and Alianza Comunitaria as their representative and as a guest of the Congreso Nacional Indigena (National Indigenous Congress) to Chiapas during the week of the 12th - 19th to observe their tour through Zapatista Caracol communities.

The objective of the tour was to launch the effort to gather signatures for their spokesperson, Maria de Jesus Patricio Martinez (Marichuy), to become a candidate in the Mexican presidential elections of 2018.

The National Indigenous Congress formed an Indigenous Governing Council to accompany Marichuy on her tour through Chiapas and Mexico in order to raise awareness about the social and political conditions indigenous people are experiencing under neoliberal policies that aim to privatize their land and resources.

Click here to view photos of the tour.

Universidad Popular has been designated as a Casa de Marichuy and is gathering signatures for Marichuy from Mexican citizens in San Diego every Tuesday and Wednesday evening at the Universidad Popular Centro in Vista.  A Mexican voter identification card issued by the Instituto Nacional Electoral is required in order to sign for Marichuy.

For presentations contact 760.468.4519.  For more information watch this report, visit this website, or follow #Marichuy on Twitter.

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