Celebrando Liderazgo 2019

On Friday, November 22, 2019, Universidad Popular held our 3rd annual Tardeada and the party was a major success! Our gathering brought together 300+ friends and family members to celebrate hardworking individuals who are making a difference in North County in many different ways.

We had many individuals and partner organizations to recognize and major accomplishments to celebrate! Our evening of festivities included recognition of contributions and achievements of new citizens, grassroots leaders, and newly elected and appointed officials who are making history, representing our community with pride advancing a social justice-focused vision, and improving education and civic health in North San Diego County.

Thank you to the following elected officials who joined us: Escondido City Council member Olga Diaz, San Marcos City Council member Maria Nuñez, Vista City Council member Corinna Contreras, Carlsbad City Council members Cori Schumacher and Priya Bhat-Patel, Encinitas City Council member Kellie Shay Hinze, Vista School Board members Cipriano Vargas, Martha Alvarado, Debbie Morton, Rosemary Smithfield, and Vista Superintendent Matt Doyle

We also appreciate the solidarity of cosponsors and partner organizations  including California State University San Marcos National Latino Research Center, The Office of Inclusive Excellence, Office of Community Engagement, San Diego Association of Government (SANDAG), League of Women Voters of North County San Diego, Palomar College, MiraCosta College, United Hansel, Inc., Gulf Construction, Inc., Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), The Bravo Foundation, Office of Minority Health, Youth Empowerment Program II, San Diego Grantmakers Social Equity Collaborative Fund, Alliance San Diego, Innovation High School, and U.S. Census Bureau (Census 2020)Maricela Amezola of Amezola Legal Group, Francisco Barragan of A Touch Live Scan, Mario Moreno and Susie of Pura Cultura, Rita Esmeralda Naranjo, Santa Constantino, Poder Popular para la Salud del Pueblo, Joe Dusel, Taqueria La Takiza, Cocina Alvarez, Tonantzin Alvarez, Esperanza's Tortilleria, San Diego la Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA), Juan Velazquez, Jackie Stone, Pat Cameron, Jennifer White, Kathie Rosvall, Rita Soza, Lola Sherman, Norelynn Pion-Goureau, Nancy Telford, Jane Clough, Michelle Krug, Edward Pohlert, Alma Ruiz Pohlert, Richelle Swan, Paul von Weckmann, Leticia Maldonado Stamos, Steve Burrell, Ernie Moreno, Ariel Stevenson, Erin Grassi, Rafael Hernandez, Ray Daniel Hernandez, Vista Grapevine Elementary School Principal Rafael Olavide, Ammar Campa-Najjar, Sara Jacobs, Erin Hogeboom, Megan Thomas and Marilyn McWilliams. Thank you for your generosity!  

We are inspired to recognize our grassroots leaders who showed exemplary commitment to social justice and civic participation. Specifically, we had hundreds of college/university students who volunteered to mentor and tutor local youth; community educators who taught U.S. history/civics education to help adults prepare for citizenship; taught English; concerned community leaders who distributed food to support families who face food insecurity; registered eligible citizens to vote; offered workshops to teach about immigrant rights; and taught technology to elders; provided timely and relevant updates regarding immigration policies; supported formerly incarcerated loved family members and launched Census 2020 educational campaign. Thank you to the team of maestras and maestros who volunteer on a weekly basis to teach history, government, English, and human rights including Marta Goddard, Matt LeComte, Maria Cerda, Lilian Serrano, Ana Ardon, Alonzo Martinez, Jessica Ramirez, Flor Alvarez, Laura Perez, Dr. Alicia Gonzales, Josefina Espino, Ileana Valencia, Jaime Altamirano, Patricia Gallardo, Graciela Aguilar Miranda, Rafael Lopez, Dehbi Fleming, Irma Morales, and Erasto Diaz.  

As Universidad Popular prepares to launch various social business enterprises in the coming years, we offered a taste of what’s to come in 2020. In addition to supporting local vendors and partners, we wanted you to meet some of our talented chefs like Doña Georgina Najera, Doña Eva Tinoco, Doña Concha Alvarez, Flor "Flower" Alvarez and Señor Ron Alvarez who brought authentic comida casera to life. They prepared salsas, ceviche, pozole, cochinita pibil entree, nachos, popcorn, esquite and café de olla. We hope you enjoyed the culinary experience. We were reminded of what life was like eating ceviche tostadas on a sandy beach along the Pacific Ocean on a hot summer day, surrounded by friends and family. Savoring Doña Georgina's hot caldito of the pozole brought memories of tias and abuelitas cooking on chilly night to fill the soul and energize the body. We appreciate the succulent and tender texture of the cochinita pibil that La Takiza simmered for days to be served and the salsas that added a unique fiery experience. Flor's esquite combined the corn staple garnished with queso and chile. To warm up, Doña Eva served hot cafe de olla. Even the nachos were a hit! We thank the chefs who prepared the food for our enjoyment and those who served it. Through their ancestral wisdom, these chefs made delicious food that filled our panzas and nourished our souls!

To close the night, we provided the sound “para mover el esqueleto” to the beats and rhythm of Sonido Ekis and banda La Fortaleza de Eric Salgado. Thank you, Fran and Huicho for creating un ambiente alegre. As we witnessed individuals and families dancing and laughing, we were overcome with hope. Indeed, we rejoice in the power of humanity to rise above the adversity and terror that encircles us.

Last, but not least, thank you to the compañeros y compañeras who rise early, stay late and roll up their sleeves to do the work that needs to be done when the party ends. These individuals include our event planners who worked tirelessly to plan and support the event, Flor "Flower" Alvarez, Santa Constantino and Lilian Serrano. Also, thank you to the staff of the National Latino Research Center and the team of Universidad Popular volunteers who were willing to assist in myriad ways to make the event a success including Alonzo Martinez, Ana Ardón, Angelica Santiago, Christina Flores-Lopez, Daniel Martinez, Francisco Ramirez, Jessica Ramirez, Leslie Mendez, Mario Millan, Ricardo Favela, Stephanie Martinez, Adela Giselle, Joseph Lustig, Eva Tinoco, Maria Nuñez, Georgina Najera, Angeles Nuñez, J Luis Ramirez Angeles, Aide Gomez, Conrado Alvarez. Also, thank you to our team of Homie UP Youth Empowerment Program student volunteers who made the popular nachos and popcorn including Javier "JJ" Sanchez, Ahtziri Flores, Marysol Tayeischa Preciado, Gina Lizzeth, Anthony Uriostegui, Jaime Flores, Jose Ramirez, and Roxana Gomez. The work of Universidad Popular is made possible because of the dedication and commitment of so many individuals and groups willing to volunteer to serve our community. To them we say, Muchas Gracias!

Thank you for your generous donations and inspiring gestures of solidarity. We appreciate each of you and know we are in great company as we enter into the battles to be fought in 2020. For starters we have Primary Elections on March 3, Census 2020 in March and April, and Presidential Elections in November!

Mark your calendar - We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Celebrando Liderazgo Tardeada on November 13, 2020!

Universidad Popular is a self-sustaining communal center dedicated to teaching and learning multicultural knowledge and preserving ancestral wisdom. We build on a tradition of education as a tool of resistance known as educación popular or popular education, meaning education of the people by the people. This model of education is most commonly known as a liberating pedagogy through which an individual becomes aware of his or her personal experiences and how these experiences are connected to the larger society. Visit us at www.unipopular.org.

Thank you!
Universidad Popular Team

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